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Security Courses Europe

There are two things that we provide to make you able to defend yourself and protect others. Namely, these are “know-how” and practice. Sometimes it’s not even a matter of seconds, you need to act automatically. We know how to provide safety and we help create habits of acting right in a blink of an eye. First and foremost, you need to understand how to handle firearms, how to dismantle and mount the parts. Then you will practice your aiming skills both at range and in dynamic environment. Choose your package and get ready for action.

Security Academy Europe

Practice makes master, we know that and we want to help you become one. Whether you are a beginner or you have some experience with firearms, we cover it all. Choose from our wide range of pistols, rifles, or shotguns and improve your aiming skills. Our professional instructors will help you learn how to focus on details, act quickly, and be able to both prevent and eliminate danger. Enhance your experience with unique add-ons, such as night at the Golf village, taste the organic Polish cuisine, or relax after the training with samples of traditional Polish spirits.


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