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Security Courses Germany

Safety is one of the basic and most important needs in life. We know how much effort it takes to become a professional, therefore, we organize tailored-to-the-needs courses to ensure each participant gets the most of every training.

Our experienced and well-trained instructors help students gain both theory and practical skills in order to build self-confidence and possess the knowledge of using firearms in a safe and responsible manner.

Security Academy Germany

You feel like you need more knowledge and training? That’s great, our Security Academy is what you need. Combined training packages and various add-ons are designed to let you focus on learning and taking the rest off your shoulders. We turned training into experience for maximum effect. Check the pricing and pick the best option for you. You will find a wide array of firearms - from pistols to rifles - in our offer, as well as unique upgrades, such as Polish catering, Golf village, or even exquisite sampling of Polish traditional spirits. Ready to become a pro? That’s the spirit!


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