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Europe is a huge part of the world where citizens are able to travel almost everywhere just using their ID. No matter where you go, we can help you stay safe and get ready to protect yourself. Despite the number of countries in Europe and distance between them, we have technology and professionals on our side. We can keep you safe and sound when you are at home, as well as when you travel abroad. We offer personal protection for both children and adults, security management for events and large groups of people, and even professional chauffeurs with specially designed vehicles. Wherever you are, we keep you safe.

Are you going abroad and you need someone to keep an eye on your home or business? We cover that 24/7, all-year-round. You need a discreet guard that blends into background but always monitors the surrounding? We got it. You are a celebrity and you want to stay away from the crowd and nosy paparazzis? We are the shield that blocks the harm. We are the security company that respects your personal borders and travels with you wherever you go. We keep you safe and sound, all-year-round. Sanctus - that’s us.

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