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When it comes to safety, it’s best to pick professionals. Sanctus is a fully-professional team with over a decade of experience in protecting people and security management. More to that, Sanctus provides courses and has its own Academy where students gain necessary skills and knowledge to become pros. The training programmes include theory, shooting range practice, as well as skill tests in a dynamic environment. You can be sure that whatever your project is - whether it be securing a large event or providing a discreet staff to keep you safe and sound 24/7 - we are committed to deliver the best complex solution that suits your needs.

Our services are always tailored-to-needs, we provide personal guards, personal well-trained chauffeurs, event security management, investigation services, escort services, as well as full-spectrum security for children, diplomats, celebrities, and VIP clients.

Remember - you and your closest ones have only one life and the quality of it also depends on your and their health. We can help you protect yourself and the people you care about. We always are fully committed to keep our clients safe and sound, all-year-round.

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