Shooting Range Germany

Shooting Range Germany

Scoring a “ten” from 100 meters is in your range. The only thing you need is to practice your aiming skills in a perfect venue. We know that the design and location make a difference, therefore we have a shooting range in the middle of the woods. The range is equipped with best firearms (from 9mm pistols through Maverick Mossberg shotgun to Diamondback DB10 sniper rifle) to ensure your comfort during the practice. We also cover the protection gear, it’s included.

Shooting Center Germany

We have a wide range of best-quality firearms, in one place. All of these are available for you, just stop in at our shooting center. We know that in every learning process there needs to be some space for regeneration - you can rest in our hotel, practice some swing s at the Golf village, and immerse in Polish cuisine with our organic catering option. Traditional Polish spirit sampling is also available.

Recreation Shooting in Germany

The way to mastery is long and hard, but still possible to get through. We can guide you along the way and offer more than just shooting at the range. Experience the real dynamic recreational shooting at our facility. Combine your skills and take next step to becoming a pro.

Shooting Club Germany

Check the membership options at our shooting club, so you never miss any updates or special offers. Keeping you updated and providing maximum satisfaction - that is our target.

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