• Our exquisite “I Love Polish FOOD” catering is a core element of The VIP Lounge offering and a key reason why our clients choose to host their event with us.
  • Delectable dishes that exude mouthwatering flavours are prepared with premium hand picked ingredients, under the expertise of our talented chefs to create delightful menus, ensuring that the catering will be a delight for you and your guests.
  • Our food is freshly prepared and cooked on site, allowing us to ensure the finest flavours served to your guests. Our menus are tailor made to your specifications, with a wonderful selection of world cuisines (by special request for groups roasted wild boar).
  • During our tastings you will have the opportunity to try at least 6 different types of Polish vodka, as well as hear amusing and moving anecdotes about the meaning and influence of this alcohol in Poland.
  • Our qualified guides will answer any question you might have about the local and domestic drinking habits and culture.
  • Thanks to that you will not only experience our culture in a unique way – you will also gain professional expertise, which you can also use to impress your friends!