Our Shooting Range

  • In 2017, the shooting range was modernized with a view to making it a modern facility that would meet all the requirements of gun enthusiasts.
  • The shooting area was cleaned and the trees growing on the shooting axes were removed. Shooting positions have been prepared and the shooting range is now operational.
  • 16 shooting axes – 25 meters each;
  • 2 shooting axes – 100 meters each;
  • 15 shooting axes – 300 meters each (additionally 2 axes in reserve);
  • Training ground for dynamic shooting, also with the use of cars – for 9 people.
  • The Tiborlager is located southeast of the Nischlitzsee and southwest of Schwiebus in the Oder-Warthe-Bogen.
  • The construction of the Tiborlager barracks was closely related to the construction of the southern section of the MRU. Simultaneously with the barracks, a shooting range was built in the forest, about a kilometer from Tiborlager.The shooting range area was not smaller than the barracks area. Several 300m wide positions separated by high shafts for long weapons. A bit further, positions for mechanized weapons were built.
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